Generous Supporters Unite with The Human-Animal Alliance to Transform Lives through the Human-Animal Bond

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Press Release | 0 comments

Guests Praise the Human-Animal Alliance’s Mission and Accomplishments at Inaugural Fundraiser

As the sun set on a particularly stunning spring evening in Wellington, Florida, guests of The Human-Animal Alliance gathered poolside for an elegant, invitation-only dinner in support of the charity.  It was the organization’s first formal introduction to current and potential supporters. The Human-Animal Alliance, a 501(c)(3) founded by Jackie Ducci, exists to transform lives nationwide through the power and value of the human-animal bond.

Guests were introduced to the three ways in which the organization promotes the human-animal bond, which are: 1) providing those in need with greater access to animals, 2) keeping people and their animals together, and 3) supporting pro-human-animal bond legislation.

Support was resoundingly strong among attendees, all of whom were animal lovers.  Throughout the evening, the group enjoyed specialty cocktails and a multi-course chef’s dinner. Emotions were high while learning about H-AA’s mission, goals, and accomplishments.  The evening was a strong reminder of how deeply animals can impact human lives, and guests left feeling inspired to help The Human-Animal Alliance in their efforts.

Attended by Olympic hopeful Shannon Dueck and other prominent members of the equestrian community including Scott Hassler, the charity has garnered the backing of influential and passionate supporters. “These are people who have devoted their entire lives and careers to forming unbreakable bonds with their horses – and have spent years watching their clients do the same.  They understand better than anyone the profound impact that animals can have on our physical and mental health, because they experience it and observe it every single day,” said Jackie Ducci, Founder of The Human-Animal Alliance.

“It was an honor to be invited and attend. I’m so proud and excited for Jackie to see her vision, passion, and professionalism all come together for this amazing project! I truly believe The Human-Animal Alliance will benefit animals and humans more than we can possibly imagine. I am 100% in support and hope many others will be as well,” said Scott Hassler.

Set to the backdrop of acoustic music and Florida palms – and with some four-legged friends in attendance – funds were raised well in excess of expectation. The donors of Wellington, FL firmly established themselves as the organization’s core support base.

“Successful nonprofits are fueled by more than good intentions. Our continued success is made possible by the generosity of animal-lovers who connect emotionally to our mission and, in turn, pledge their support. Feeling the genuine enthusiasm in the air during our event reinforced the importance of the work we do, and the lives we are changing across the country,” said Alexis Pullium, Executive Director of The Human-Animal Alliance. “We are humbled, excited, and extremely grateful.”