Women for Paws Receives a $10,000 Grant from The Human-Animal Alliance to Help Pet Owners in Crisis

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Press Coverage | 0 comments

Women for Paws Receives a $10,000 Grant from The Human-Animal Alliance to Help Pet Owners in Crisis The local non-profit announced its immediate funding to help pet owners who are victims of domestic violence. The Founder of Women for Paws, Grace C. Lopez, founded the nonprofit to protect pets by providing funds to pet owners in desperate financial need. Women for Paws now expands assistance to victims of domestic violence who have a greater need for saving their pet’s lives.

“Helping pet owners who are struggling financially is what we do, and now, with the help of this grant from The Human-Animal Alliance, we will be able to focus on protecting pets from physical abuse among other needs. One of the most common practices of domestic violence offenders is to hurt the victim’s pet as a form of punishment. In addition, many victims stay in abusive situations for fear of what will happen to the pet if they leave it behind. The lack of pet-friendly safe places to escape to is an issue that perpetuates the problem. This grant will provide temporary boarding for pets in danger while their owners transition out of the abusive situation, enabling pet and owner to be reunited in safety,” said Grace C. Lopez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Women for Paws.

Community Impact by Helping Pet Owners

Women for Paws is a nonprofit with a big paw heart that is creating impact in our community by speaking up about the need to save pets’ lives.

“Many pet owners who are victims of domestic violence stay in unsafe relationships to avoid losing their pets. The emotional attachment to a pet is real and losing one can have long-term effects of loneliness, depression, and guilt. The most difficult phone calls that we receive from pet owners are the ones regarding their pets being physically abused. They explain how they have to live in their cars because they cannot be in their home where their pets are physically targeted. Pet owners’ financial assistance is a real need in our community. Imagine witnessing your pet being mistreated or hurt? Some pet owners consider their pets to be family and giving up their pet is not an option for them. It would not be option for me either. Boarding is expensive, and without the assistance of this grant, we would not be able to provide this critical service to victims. We are forever grateful to The Human-Animal Alliance for recognizing this need,” said Grace C. Lopez.