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How Your Donation Nurtures the Human-Animal Alliance

Every donation is used to invest in efforts that establish and grow programs in one of our four mission pillars.

In addition to being a tax friendly donation to a 501(c)(3) organization, your gift is used to invest in one of our mission’s four pillars. Your donation will help keep animals and their owners together through unique situations such as a soldier being deployed or during a long medical treatment. Your donation will help make animals accessible to people in need with greater support to foster deeper connections between human and animal. Your donation will help fund research to better understand the benefits of the human-animal connection and to unlock the full potential of our relationship with the animal world. And finally, your donation will help fund educational efforts to help the world better understand the importance of protecting and cheerishing this natural benefical bond between animal and human. Donate today to be a part of the human-animal story.

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