Meet Alexis Pullium

Alexis Pullium

Alexis Pullium

Executive Director

Prior to joining the Human-Animal Alliance as Executive Director, Alexis’ career consisted of 10+ years in HR and talent acquisition and various roles in the Marketing and Finance Industries. The skills and knowledge that she acquired through these experiences have translated seamlessly to her role at H-AA. Her keen insights and attention to detail, in particular, are of great value to the organization when vetting partner charities, selecting grantees, and planning fundraising events.

Alexis’ passion for the human-animal bond started at a young age with her own family pets. After becoming a mother, she saw the profound effect that her animals were having on her children. Her daughter was also introduced to equine therapy at 4 years-old, which had an incredible impact on her mental well-being as she navigated some heavy and complex life experiences at a very young age. Alexis’ hope is that everyone can experience the power and benefits of the human-animal bond just as she and her children have.

Outside of the Human-Animal Alliance, Alexis spends her time with her two children, Ava and Grayson, and their fur baby, Jaxson. Her family is quite active, and some of their favorite activities include spending time at the beach, going to the gym, surrounding themselves with family and friends and running to and from many sporting activities! Alexis graduated with a B.A. in Business with a concentration in Marketing from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.