Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives nationwide through the power and value of the human-animal bond.HERE'S HOW WE DO IT:

Bringing people and animals together.

Not everyone who could benefit from the companionship and therapeutic benefits of animals has adequate access. We actively identify vulnerable and in-need segments of the population and open the door between them and loving animals that can provide them with the healing and support that they deserve. Examples might include providing veterans with service dogs, connecting children who have learning disabilities or trauma with animal therapy programs, bringing animals to people who are ill for healing purposes, and so much more.

Keeping people and animals together.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than when owners are forced to surrender their cherished pets due to life circumstances (such as a military deployment, complications with housing arrangements, inability to afford the animal’s medical care, etc.) Shelters are overcrowded as it is; owner surrenders should never add to the problem. And devoted owners who adore their pets should never be forced into a situation where they have to say goodbye against their will. We provide support to owners in need, enabling them to live life with their beloved companions by their side – as it should be.

Creating change in the world which advances the human-animal bond.

The human-animal bond can be life-changing. Connecting with animals positively impacts people emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually.  All humans can benefit from owning and/or having exposure to animals, and we are committed to advocating for the importance of animals in our lives on a national scale.  We support public policy initiatives which support human-animal connections, and educate the public on the ways in which animals can transform their lives for the better.