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We invite you to read more about how we are bringing our mission to life.  Every day we are helping real people, in real time, experience the profound benefits of the human-animal bond.  

January 2023

$10,000 toward protecting pets from abuse and keeping domestic violence victims with their animals – in safety.

There is a well-established link between domestic abuse and animal abuse. Over 70% of female domestic violence survivors with pets report that their abusers threatened, harmed, or killed their animal. The lack of animal-friendly domestic violence shelters (or other means of getting their pet to safety) often keeps victims in abusive situations longer.  Being a female-run organization, this is an issue that hits home for us on the deepest of levels.  No human or animal should suffer abuse, ever.  And victims NEED their pets – their primary source of comfort and love during (and after) the horrific times they have experienced. We are partnering with a Florida-based organization that provides emergency foster care to animals in cases of domestic violence. This ensures that pets stay safe until their human owners are in a safe situation themselves, at which time human and animal are reunited.  


November – December 2022

$25,000 toward keeping animals with their families during the economic recession.

Americans are struggling as our country battles the current economic recession.  Unfortunately, when times are tough, everyone feels it – including animals. Due to financial strain, many owners are surrendering their pets to shelters or being forced to rehome them because they can no longer afford their care.  It breaks our hearts to think of loving owners losing their animals because they are facing extenuating circumstances.  Keeping animals in their homes is always preferable (for the animal and the person!) over surrender, euthanasia, or homelessness.  We are partnering with safety net charities across the country to get support (pet food, medical bill coverage, emergency foster care, etc.) to owners who need it most.  In doing so, we are preventing additional strain on shelters, eliminating suffering, and preserving the human-animal bond. 


October 2022

$15,000 toward pet and owner reunifications in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

During the hurricane season of 2022, Hurricane Ian devastated western Florida, destroying homes and displacing people and animals. Countless animals were separated from their owners, and/or suffered serious injuries as a result of the storm. The Human-Animal Alliance immediately sprang into action, vetting disaster relief organizations on the ground in Florida, and selecting those most worthy of grants. Our dollars spent focused on two areas: 1) reuniting displaced pets with their owners, and 2) covering medical bills for animals who sustained storm-related injuries and whose owners could not afford their emergency care. This project had tremendous impact, helping hundreds of owners reunite with, and keep, their animals in the wake of this horrendous natural disaster. We were honored to have been involved.